Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is essentially marketing goods or services over the internet. It’s goal is to makes sales or capture leads from potential customers.

It has traditionally meant trying to get your website ranking in Google and other search engines so it ranks towards the top when a potential customer types in a “keyword phrase”. This process is a big mystery to many people and it really isn’t for those with short attention spans or those that lose interest easily.

In order to get your website, recognized and ranked by Google you need to spend time every single week creating content and building links. The new web2.0 and social media sites are very popular with the search engines so utilizing these sites in your campaign is crucial to its success.

Internet marketing has grown to include pay per click advertising. These are ads that are on the right hand side and often the top of the page when you do a Google search. They are labeled “Sponsored Links”. These ads are displayed when specific keyword phrases are searched on. Every time a person clicks on one of these ads they are directed to the advertiser’s website and the advertiser is charged for that “click”, hence the name Pay Per Click or PPC advertising.  This is how Google is making billions every year.

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