Electronic Commerce signifies exchanging of goods and services all through the internet. An e-commerce site can be as simple as a catalog page having a phone number.  It could be an online store where you add products to an electronic shopping cart, pay with a credit card and have the product shipped to your door.  It can also be a website where you purchase a digital product, like software, ebooks, audio or video files.  Then you pay with a credit card and can immediately download the product you purchased.


  • When you build an ecommerce site there are many things you will need to consider:
  • Should you build a custom shopping cart?
  • Should you purchase an existing shopping cart and use that?
  • Should you find an open source shopping cart and modify it to incorporate your brand?
  • What method of payments do you want to accept?
  • Where will you get a merchant account?
  • What Payment Gateway Service Provider will you use?
  • How do you integrate you’re payment gateway with your website?
  • What methods of shipping will you offer?
  • How will you charge for shipping, flat fee, by item, actual cost, actual cost plus a handling fee?
  • How will you add products to your shopping cart?
  • How will you add images of your products?
  • Will you accept coupons?
  • Will you run specials?
  • Where will you host your ecommerce store?
  • Etc……..

If you are looking to create or add an ecommerce site to your business you need to think about all the questions above and create a plan.

We are experts when it comes to building and running ecommerce stores.  Give us a call today and we’ll help you get your new store up and running.

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